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Hemp hair joy!

Hair happiness in a tin. Natural beauty products from:

This month if you feel inquisitive to try a solid bar of shampoo for eco purposes, rather than purchase another new bottle of even refill from the zero waste shop, I have a new recommendation for you! My hair is so wavy and thick (wiry in places?!) it requires a kind and gentle treatment to remain soft, supple and curly.
The Local supplier of brand Nat-ul, supplies a range of eco skincare products including fantastic shampoos. Having failed to find an alternative to old Lush varieties which use ingredients and perfumes I no longer wish to purchase, I was seeking a natural alternative. Firstly, I tried the naturally inspired Alter/native by Suma boxes of soap looking shampoo and conditioner bars. Heavy and good value, so I thought. Unfortunately neither left my hair feeling great, in fact it looked and felt more greasy and according to my housemate Darron, gave it a wet look. I was not best pleased so was delighted to read the Instagram recommendation of Nat-uk Hemp and Mango shampoo bar from @LewishamLowdown, our local social media entrepreneur mum, Alison. A trusted source; I duly ordered likewise. Hemp is my all time favourite source of essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins; mango is such a sweet and juicy fruit. Great; She knows what’s what..!

I ordered the Mango and hemp seed shampoo bar online and discussed the order with the manager/owner and she hand delivered it to me personally a couple of days later. Here is a perfect solution to plastic free/ no waste shampoo. Presented in a reusable metal tin (& you know it will serve a valid purpose in travelling!) it makes my hair smell divine and naturally lovely (without grease). in a lovely natural box was also a sample bottle of natural hemp seed facial /skin oil. This makes for naturally glowing skin! I’m literally smiling as I put it on each morning! This hydrates and illuminates skin so well that it’s good to know that such a simple and straightforward solution is achievable. Thank you to all the Nat-ul team for bringing this range to SE London!

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1 thought on “Hemp hair joy!

  1. Thank you so much for this review. We are glad you liked the Hemp and Mango Shampoo Bar by Herbs & Hydro.

    Nat-ul Team

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