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Christmas Dinner

I’ve begun another pumpkin sketch with a blue Japanese theme pattern design in the background, inspired by the Japanese kimono wearing doll I received as a gift as a child.

I’m delighted to make a floral arrangement using foliage found in our garden, it’s a very satisfying art! Placed with a scented candle in the middle, it makes a traditional centrepiece on the dining table.

A walk along the river is always interesting, today I met another nettle tea fan, plus a couple who’s daughter is an amateur botanist and discovered turkey tail mushrooms, plus dock, cow parsley, cleavers and dandelion leaves for a salad to enjoy alongside the main dinner.

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Winter Wreaths

Thank you ladies for a wonderful afternoon at the new My inner sanctuary centre next to Lovegift cafe. Winter Art is Naturally therapeutic; handling, touching, feeling the texture of the stems and leaves. Some soft, smooth, others prickly, or spiky.

The art of winter wreath design can be summed up: preparation prior to decoration.
We covered The woven willow base with fresh local wild ivy, conifer and other evergreens, before adding viburnum stems with pure, white flowers and the beautiful petrol blue berries stood out, in contrast to the bright yellow of the ivy flowers, black spherical berry heads, red holly berries and the soft greys of the dried lavender and poppy seed heads. Finally, the dried, brown, fluffy Hydrangea flower heads and spicy cinnamon bark sticks. Quite An achievement; certainly more than just a Couple of sticks 😉

Each selected a series of large pine cones to either add onto the wreath or to dangle from twine or ribbon.
I’m going to design a clove studded orange this year for the fist time. Following on from woven lavender ‘wands’ in summer, this a winter activity, aims to bring the sweet scents of citrus and cloves into our homes.

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Hayle Park Nature Reserve

I cut through the modern housing estate, to admire their front gardens and walked to the stream where I’d collected nettles in October. Ahead, a few branches lay obstructing the waterfall ever so slightly. The Peaceful sound of running water… then a young man walking by, observing my gaze commented about how it’d be nice to reach out and remove the obstructions. He told me that his father was the founder of the original conservation society there and now, he and his young family lived up at Mount Ararat, the top house on a steep pathway. We walked up together and admired the view across the ponds. It smells so fresh, on a damp, sunny day.

I’m so delighted that Timberland are sponsoring my new LNPC Ranger coat and boots; stomping further up and turning around to the right, climbing down the old steps and across the meadow towards the pond. A moorhen feeds and reminds me to bring my mum’s old scraps of bread for them in future. Meanwhile a mother and daughter threw their bread into the water.

The sound of gushing Water from Crisbrook Mill, as the water rushes from The old mill wheel as it turns, it is in action! I met The owners are outside gardening, pruning buddleia and deadheading roses. They’ve lived on the premises for two years and enjoy it despite the occasional driver who toots their horn too loudly, going around the corner, in the mornings which disturbs this area of natural beauty; a haven of peace and tranquillity. It’s part of the duality (on a Gemini Full moon) which affects us all.