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My own Anniversary

In May I’m aware of my anniversary for choosing a vegan lifestyle for myself; 17 whole years!? It’s more extraordinary than I’d imagined, back in 2003. It took me to lie down, to rest late at night, desiring to fall asleep but instead I’m aware of a sensation. Something is stirring. Much like the birth of Spring with the sight of crocus…
“Sing sing sing, for today it’s Spring”. Singing constantly keeps me focussed on my harmonies and being out in nature earth.

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This past week has mainly involved the mass gathering of the soft, fluffy, delicate Elderflowers; hanging in clusters upon the trees, before turning into deep red berries.

They are a traditional medicine / remedy For hayfever. Their cluster structure of delicate branches are almost like veins is representative of human lungs; these flowers and later the berries are very supportive of our respiratory system, the lungs and our breath. Thus, use to treat colds or flu.