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Theresa plays an active role in her local community as a Nutritionist and teaches pregnancy nutrition classes to mums in SE6 region.

She enjoys singing with the Voice Lab Choir; recent performances inc. at the Royal Festival Hall (South Bank) and with ENO in a production in East London. She has even recently performed percussion on the Timpani at Glastonbury Festival (Music & Performing Arts)! Additional roles inc:

Food Bank Volunteer: Nutritionist Ambassador for Whitefoot & Downham Community Food +Project.

Chair of Verdant Lane Lamppost (Wildlife) Community Garden

Co-Chair Good Food Lewisham Sub Committee on Skills Hub: Public Health in the borough.

It is often important to us to recall the people whose shoulders we stand on; my passion for health & natural landscapes has formed over at least 4 generations in my family’s medical & ecological history. My mother is an amateur herbalist & vegetable gardener with a love of history, language & botanical art and she met my father whilst both they were both working at the Natural History Museum, in London, where my father is still a senior Entomologist (an insect scientist). Prior to my birth, she was a nurse, tending to cancer patients in her care and her father  (my grandfather)was an eminent G.P. in Hackney. His father, James Jackson Brown, (my great-grandfather) was one of the first Black, Jamaican G.P.s  to come out from Jamaica, to practice in the London Royal Free Hospital, where he trained with the surgeon to King George V and also set up the first West Indian cricket team (but that is another story!)

Like many complementary Therapists; my own reasons for qualifying & teaching \ practicing are based on my own direct personal experience.

At the start of 2002, I acknowledged to myself that I really wasn’t feeling very well at all. The symptoms I’d expressed were of only a mild digestive concern; my stomach felt like a rock; solid, bloated and by 2 p.m. I felt lethargic and tired. A local Kinesiologist declared that I had multiple intolerances and the lymphatic system was unable to excrete toxins, as usual, as it had permeated; my gut linking was similar to that of a sieve.  I was diagnosed with a Leaky Gut and Candida (thanks to excessive sucrose\sugar intake) and set about radically changing my life to conquer both of these conditions.

A change of career to that in the food industry meant leaving Adult & Further Education (Universities) with an aim to return at another point in my life; I’d like to continue my studies & research work based on Climate change at a specialist institution related to this work.

The vision is to initiate and provide London’s first main resource in Holistic Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy services combined with Kitchen Buddy Culinary Classes (in Gourmet Vegan & Raw Foods), Catering & Food Industry Consultancy and Yoga. In addition to forming partnerships with experts in these areas.

Theresa Webb BA.DipNT (CNM), Kitchen Buddy Founder

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