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Moringa and mulberry to balance sugar to support pancreas

During our stay in Wellingborough, Effat collects Local herbs to add into daily menus. In particular, Wild harvested Moringa tree leaves, which add a lot of chlorophyll and therefore magnesium, calcium and Iron into our blood. I ate a high percentage of naturally combined raw living foods (with the exception of a little rice, yogurt and sourdough bread provided by our host).

I notice the positive effects almost immediately. my skin began to glow, my eyes became brighter and my nails grew visibly within a week. I felt able to walk for miles, easily with an increase in energy and stamina. I largely enjoy a variety of fresh no cook vegan plant based including plenty of seasonal and wild leaves; Moringa, dandelion, plantain and blackberries for 12 days. As a result I feel more nourishment and have given up any snacks, with a return eating for our cells, for nourishment and with fewer cravings for sweets or sugar. We eat a large brunch with as much green leaves and the savoury herbal blend.

The tree leaf blends taste great and is a unique blend of wild tree leaves including Mulberry leaves and plum which are suitable to treat diabetics. Mulberries are a deliciously low GI fruit and are suitable for diabetics. The addition of Sprouted Brown rice and millet makes it more fulfilling. All our recommendations for diabetes include Moringa, mulberry and avocado leaves.

Helps with:

  • reduce blood pressure
  • menopause symptoms eg. Hot flushes and sweats
  • energy and stamina
  • muscular fitness
  • restful sleep
  • balance blood sugar (diabetes)
  • reduces sweet and sugar cravings

10 x serving Pack 50g £7.00

Theresa Webb

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1 thought on “Moringa and mulberry to balance sugar to support pancreas

  1. met teresa and effat foraging and so impressed with their knowledge . had theresa’s colon cleanse on and off but today we met and i started taking her immune booster mix aswel . i already feel hocus pocus focus full of living energy she said it will change my life i wont be asking for a refund i can tell this works im one more step on the road to enlightenment also the raw catford honey was maybe best tasting honey ever . read what theresa says and try it and see it all makes sense it was neh is the way we evolved and lived before modern ideas of what we think of as nutrition . im not vegan but keep meeting amazing healthy people who are . bee hive yourself and bee keep up the hard work

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