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Winter Wreaths

Thank you ladies for a wonderful afternoon at the new My inner sanctuary centre next to Lovegift cafe. Winter Art is Naturally therapeutic; handling, touching, feeling the texture of the stems and leaves. Some soft, smooth, others prickly, or spiky.

The art of winter wreath design can be summed up: preparation prior to decoration.
We covered The woven willow base with fresh local wild ivy, conifer and other evergreens, before adding viburnum stems with pure, white flowers and the beautiful petrol blue berries stood out, in contrast to the bright yellow of the ivy flowers, black spherical berry heads, red holly berries and the soft greys of the dried lavender and poppy seed heads. Finally, the dried, brown, fluffy Hydrangea flower heads and spicy cinnamon bark sticks. Quite An achievement; certainly more than just a Couple of sticks 😉

Each selected a series of large pine cones to either add onto the wreath or to dangle from twine or ribbon.
I’m going to design a clove studded orange this year for the fist time. Following on from woven lavender ‘wands’ in summer, this a winter activity, aims to bring the sweet scents of citrus and cloves into our homes.

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