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Theresa’s Tea Talks: Elderflower infusion

This week we have a Testimonial for this infusion.
“The aromatic qualities really highlight nature’s unseen purities & a potency that it sprays across the land, a perfumery of odours for us all; insects, plants & humans. The taste was real poetry & calming. Thank you for taking me back to nature’s garden. Fortunately, you gravitate to (Medicinal wild herbs) with your inner compass and a heightened sense of taste & smell.
For me it was like being in a time capsule! transporting me back to carefree times walking in a forest, I wasn’t expecting that!“

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Beckenham Place Park Art Exhibition

I’m thrilled to share that 3 of my recent garden plant paintings were selected and are on show in the online exhibition this month. I began sketching and painting flowers as a challenge during Lent and discovered that my neighbour, Deborah Masters, is the local artist and one of the curators. As a first time exhibitor, it’s wonderful to join.

Her encouragement earlier on in the year during a quieter time gave me a boost and you’ll find my work at the end (alphabetical by artist). Discover the stories behind these works. All are available to purchase if you’d like to buy something to add to your collection. The show takes place on Sunday 19th July.

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This week, movement and music

Foraging: this week, we met at a distance of 2 m apart, in the rain. After a drizzly start, sharing news and hopes for future plans, as restrictions ease, walkers enjoyed a warm Elderflower infusion, made from the naturally air dried, locally collected flowers. This is a useful preservation technique. My Tuesday morning walks are shown live on Zoom and are open for all to enjoy by joining through.

Music: this week I’m listening to Angélique Kidjo‘s version of the classic ‘Summertime’ song, which gives it an essential African/French twist, perfect for dancing to. Last year, I was fortunate to attend the Songlines International Music Awards ceremony, hosted by one of my favourite presenters, singer Cerys Matthews (Catatonia), where Angélique won a highly deserved award in her section. That was an amazing session!

Fitness: following the realisation that movement is emotionally beneficial, to release the energy within from being in; inside keeping movement and an oxygen flow is good for the body especially this summer. Enter Dancing Tao to the rescue; 5 Rhythms in our homes, this Friday night for a special transmission. Escape the rain and enjoy the therapeutic effects, of the 5 rhythms teacher with a unique DJ set.