Instant Cup-a-Soup Superfood

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Instant Immunity Hot beverage and snack seasoning.

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Instant Immunity Hot beverage and snack seasoning

Superfood Consommé
Directions: In a cup add boiling water and mix well.
Quantity: 1-3 tsp daily
Store refrigerated

Seasoning Serving suggestions
1. Soup/consommé/broth: Add chopped vegetables, lentils, beans and salt or miso paste to taste. Leave whole or blend to a smoother sauce consistency.
2. As a Seasoning: Add to a salad or vegetable dish and mix well.
3. As a sandwich filling, toast or cracker topping. Sprinkle 2 tsp on top of nut butter, hummus, or avocado. Serve with a fresh salad on the side.

These wild tree leaves are grown in SW London as part of a permaculture ‘forest garden’ and are carefully hand selected and harvested. The process: leaves are air-dried prior to being ground tree leaf blend in various quantities: Plum, Mulberry, Linden, Moringa, mustard and linseed sprouts, buckwheat, ground almonds, millet, wild rice, olive oil. Nutrition. Magnesium, Iron and Calcium.

“The consommé tastes natural and refreshing with an aroma of enchanting forests.” Joe


Soup on the go!
Soup on the go!

Uses for the superfood blend:
Superfoods Recipe
Black eye bean (or other) sprouts, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic.
Marinade overnight for flavours to mix and blend.

“Even organic veg isn’t as vigorous and oxygenating, these wild tree leaves are superior to those.” Theresa Webb

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1 review for Instant Cup-a-Soup Superfood

  1. Steve Turner

    Always take this soup while out walking, helps keep my energy levels up.

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