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We love our Village volunteers

Theresa leads our Walk & Talk in Mountsfield Park on Thursdays. She is able to hold space and allow the Villagers on her walks to form bonds with each other. She also generously shares her wealth of knowledge of foraging, wild food and nutrition so the walking Villagers get to learn something too! Thank you Theresa.

“I chose to be a volunteer at the Village because I like sharing my enjoyment of the natural world with others, especially to enable new parents to leave the house and get outside for an hour of unstructured activity, in good company.

The common theme is that despite however challenging it may be in the morning getting a baby ready to leave the house, the rewards always outweigh any initial challenges.

I’ve lived in the area over 40 years and I know the park quite well. Occasionly we stop for chat in or around the community garden where herbs and vegetables grow year round. We share our top tips for health and well-being. Did you know that lettuce has a calming effect?! Try putting lettuce in a juicer and feeding a little to your baby or toddler.”

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